A Dumbbell Delivery System that makes
working out more efficient and safer.


Load Weights

Place in Position

Start Lifting


Finally, a devise that lets you perform a 100% free-weight dumbbell press without any chains, hooks, cables or ropes. Our patented Retractable Dumbbell Support System is essentially a dumbbell spotter that retracts upon lifting of the dumbbells which, allows you to save energy for the most important part of the set. Upon completion of the set, conveniently replace the dumbbells to the trays.



Eric the Trainer -DB300 Review

"I travel the world all the time looking for the latest innovations to give my clients the edge. In those travels I found a new invention that I really like.It’s a Dumbbell Delivery System and it solves an important problem. Sometimes it’s hard to get the heavy dumbbells off the rack, across the gym, on your lap, coming up, and pushing up...before you do your first rep you might have hurt your shoulder.This is a Dumbbell Delivery System where you can actually load them in the machine and you get underneath, as you lift-up the machine shoots back. It gives you the heavy dumbbell…I really like this invention.

- Eric the Trainer | Celebrity Trainer